Keeping Your Floating Dock on Lake Lanier Shipshape!

Today, we’re excited to share–not only about how to take care of your floating dock on Lake Lanier, but also about an amazing service that one of our partners, Southeastern Dock Supply, provides for homeowners on Lake Lanier.

One of the things that adds significant value to your home on Lake Lanier is a dock permit. But once you have a dock, how do you take care of it? Taking care of your dock with regular maintenance will keep it safe and last a long time.

  1. Regular Inspections: It’s important to check your dock regularly. Look for any cracks, loose parts, or splintered wood. Inspect the ropes and connections too. Check it at least once a month or after any big storms.
  2. Cleaning: Keep your dock clean from debris and dirt. Sweep it with a soft broom and use water to wash away any stains. Don’t forget to remove any algae or slippery stuff to avoid accidents.
  3. Painting: If your dock is made of wood, consider painting or staining it to protect it from water damage and sun rays. Do this every year or two to keep it strong and pretty!
  4. Secure the Floats: Make sure the floats (the parts that keep the dock afloat) are in good shape. Replace any damaged ones to keep the dock steady and safe.
  5. Check the Anchors: If your dock is anchored, inspect the anchors. Ensure they are holding the dock in place. If any anchor seems loose, tighten it or replace it if needed.
  6. Look for Rust: If your dock has metal parts, like screws or brackets, look for rust. Rust can weaken the structure, so replace any rusty parts.

Dock Watch Program

If Lake Lanier is not your full-time place of residence, or if you just need someone else to help you keep your dock in great condition, call about Southeastern Dock Supply’s Dock Watch program. After an initial assessment to determine the current status of your dock, they will come out for a visual inspection of your dock two times a month. If anything is wrong or looks potentially dangerous, the Dock Watch team will let you know. And, since Lake Lanier’s water level fluctuates, they will move your dock in or out, according to the levels. This is especially important for part-time homeowners, as it helps to ensure you’re able to use your boat whenever you come to the lake!

Remember, taking care of your floating dock will help it last longer and keep you safe while having fun. So, give it some love and attention regularly!

Tune in for our August Webinar to learn more about dock maintenance. Happy dock-keeping!

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