Don’t Miss Out: Homestead Exemption 2024

If your property is your primary residence, you may be entitled to a Homestead Tax Exemption which could lower your property taxes.

Although it is generally the case that your homestead exemption continues until your property changes hands, it’s important to note that the rules on homestead exemption have changed. For example, if a property owner(s) is adding or deleting a person’s name on a deed, they MUST refile in order to maintain eligibility.

  1. If Property Owner(s) is adding or deleting a person’s name on a deed, they must re-file for homestead exemption.
  2. If there is a change in ownership, name, or spelling correction on the deed, Property Owner(s) must re-file for homestead exemption.
  3. Refinancing your home does not affect homestead exemption.
  4. Homestead Exemption CANNOT be applied to Rental Property or Business Owned Property.

Homestead exemption rules vary from county to county, so be sure to click the link pertaining to your county below to learn more.

If you purchase property in the City of Decatur or Smyrna, they have a separate Homestead Exemption process, you should visit their websites and view their rules, please see the below links for more information:

**Note – This is not a comprehensive list. Other cities in Georgia may have or may institute their own homestead exemption form and homeowners should contact their City tax office to inquire if there is a separate exemption application.

Not a homeowner but want to be able to take advantage of a homestead exemption in the future? Give us a call, and we will help you with a plan of action to turn the page to your next chapter!

Thanks to Logan Williamson at O’Kelley and Sorohan and Steve Golden and Laura Suggs at Ganek PC for providing this valuable information for our clients.


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