Building Your Dream Lake House: A Guide

Are you dreaming of a perfect lakeside retreat? A place where you can wake up to the sound of birds and the gentle lapping of waves against the shore? Where you can sip your coffee or cocktail on your patio overlooking the water?

Building your dream lake house is an exciting adventure, and we’re here to guide you through the process. There are many factors to consider when building on Lake Lanier, in particular. Let’s discuss some high-level steps to turn your dream into a reality.


1. Choose the Location

Discovering the perfect location can be a bit tricky. Consider looking at properties with some height. These areas offer stunning views and beautiful sunsets (or sunrises). Being on higher ground also provides a peaceful escape from the noise and hustle near the lake. Consider how near you’d like to be to the water. If you’re a fan of boating or water activities, choosing a spot closer to the shore is a smart choice. Lastly, plan the position of your house to capture the most sunlight during the day. Aligning your house towards the south allows it to absorb ample sunlight, keeping the interior bright and warm throughout the day.


2. Design Your Dream Home

Make sure to work with an architect who has experience with the lake. Have a vision in mind of the layout of your house and what features you would like to have. Make sure to incorporate large windows into your design. This will help maximize the view of the lake and bring in natural, beautiful light.


3. Add Personal Touches

Make your lake house uniquely yours by adding personal touches to the design. Consider elements like a cozy fireplace, a spacious deck for outdoor gatherings, or a private dock for easy lake access. If you often have guests over, think about expanding the parking area to accommodate them.


4. Work With The Right Contractor

Your contractor will coordinate with all the other workers, manage your timeline, and bring your dream home to life. The right contractor will do all this for you and stay in constant communication with you. S/He will ensure your dream house is built to the highest quality standards. A good contractor can include features you want now as well as help you plan for what you’ll need later. If this is your permanent home, they can ensure it’s easy to move around as you age.


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