ANVIL Graduation 2023: Forging Young Men


Anvil Academy: 2023 Graduation

The Anvil Academy, based in Cumming, GA, is an innovative adventure-learning middle school for boys whose mission is to disciple and forge boys into young men of character. As an actively engaged board member, I take immense pride in the recent graduation of the 8th grade students and the profound impact that the school consistently makes on the lives of these boys and their families.

Forging Young Men:

The Anvil Academy is a learning community that is focused on mentoring boys through the formative years of middle school. Through “Mind-On, Heart-Engaged, Hands-Dirty” experiences, the school helps boys journey through a difficult part of their lives. As an organization, we believe that middle school boys are ready for more than what the current culture expects. Through adventure experiences tied to specific disciplines, and also through the lens of history, The Anvil Academy works to forge boys into young men.

Celebrating the Graduates:

Attending an Anvil graduation offers a special experience. Teachers narrate stories about the boys’ growth into leaders throughout their 3 years at Anvil. We celebrate and acknowledge the boys for their character, growth, and leadership. Teachers give each boy an engraved hammer to commemorate their time and the lessons they have learned. Furthermore, we challenge and exhort them to share these lessons with their new peers as they continue on to high school.

As an involved board member, I have the honor and opportunity to witness these boys in their remarkable growth each year. I am extremely proud of this year’s graduates. The Anvil Academy’s impact will extend beyond its classrooms, shaping lives and equipping students with the tools to navigate the world. It is an honor to be associated with an institution that leaves an indelible mark on the lives of its graduates and plays a pivotal role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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